Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Volunteer Help 2017 - 2018

Hello to the Lincoln community!

I am writing today to encourage those who are new to Lincoln, or who have never had the opportunity in the past, to volunteer in the Lincoln Library.  This letter is a little different than in previous years because I am finally trying an online sign up, but first, will need information from you.

Depending on the amount of interest, the general commitment is 1-2 shifts per month during your child's library time. As a library volunteer, some of your duties include staffing the circulation desk to check-in books, returning those books back to the shelves, helping students find books and then checking those books out, keeping the book shelves organized, as well as working on occasional projects. I often ask for some assistance as I check in with students and their projects. You'll find it rewarding to see your kids collaborating with others while finding those perfect fit books too. 

The first step is to see who is interested. Please fill out the attached google form with your name, phone number, email, and the time that your child is scheduled for library. If you have more than one child, submit another form for each child's class.  This will sort the information quickly for me showing how many people are interested per classroom.

From there, I will send another email with a link to the "" calendar where you can pick and choose the dates that you would like to work (and be sent weekly reminders during your shift week!) I will let you know in that next email how many shifts per month are open; in other words, if there are loads of people interested in Mrs. Hunt's 5th grade class, then I might say sign up no more than 1x/month to give everyone a chance to work their child's shift. 

Our first training will be held on Friday September 8th at 8:45am with more opportunities to follow. Please plan on attending training prior to your first shift!

The Library co-chairs, Kerry Pescatore, Ellen Newman and I will be available at the welcome back coffees for those who may have questions. 

Sorry for the long-winded email, but I hope this is clear. If not, feel free to contact me!

Sign up Here!

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