Friday, January 8, 2016

2015-16 MSLA Bookmark Contest!

This is our fifth year of participation in the Massachusetts School Library Book Awards and Lincoln students have received Honorary Mention awards in three of those five years!
This year’s theme is “My School Library is AWESOME Because….”  The children have been asked to create a bookmark illustrating this concept (if they choose to participate.)  During library class, your child was given the rules and had a chance to see the winners and runners up from 2015’s contest (current 2nd grader, Joseph Bellistri won an Honorary Mention in the 1st grade division last year!)  We brainstormed together what this year’s theme might mean in words and pictures.  If your child is interested in entering this contest, he/she may use the attached to create their final piece of artwork (I have extras if needed!)  Your approval is required if your child wants to participate, so please sign this form before returning.  

During library class, I clarified the rules of the contest which include:
  1. Be original and creative!  No computer images or characters from books, TV, movies or comics.
  2. Use the theme in your design (you may include it in your bookmark)
  3. All words and proper names (if used) must be spelled correctly
  4. Use colored pencil, crayon, marker or pens (not gel pens!)
  5. 4th and 5th graders may create their artwork digitally (shared as a google doc)
  6. The bookmark may be designed horizontally or vertically
  7. Remember, no personal names on the bookmark!
  8. Parents need to sign the form.

The deadline has been extended to, Tuesday, JANUARY 19th.  A Lincoln committee of teachers will review each of the bookmarks and choose 3 from each division (Division 1: 1st grade; Division 2:  2nd and 3rd grades; Division 3: 4th & 5th grades)
After these Lincoln School bookmarks are chosen, the originals will be sent to the MSLA committee chair for state-side judging.  The winners will be announced in mid February.
I hope your children are excited and would like to participate, but they are not required to do so, this is completely voluntary. For more information, check out the MSLA website at:  ; select Initiatives, and scroll down the left side to the Bookmark Contest.

Need an extra copy? Click here

Thank you and please email me if you have any questions.

LeeAnne Toner,

Click here for the entry form!

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