Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Reading

Hi all!  I hope you have had a fun summer filled with relaxing days and plenty of sunshine.  Of course, I also hope that you have had a chance to dive into a good book too.  I always have a huge stack of books to read and this summer was no different.  I still have plenty more to go, but here are several that I listened to from our Follett Shelf (we have a wide range of ebooks and digital audiobooks to check out!)

Nightmares by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

This audiobook, read by the author/actor Jason Segel, was fantastic!  Leave it to an actor to create a multitude of voices for the many characters within the story.  It's a little scary, but in a nice way.  Be sure to laugh at the nightmare world that we all face at one time or another.  This book is on our Winchester Reading Rocks reading list as "horror"; I'm not wild about scary things, but I highly recommend this one.  Good for a strong 4th grade reader and up, but the audio is approachable.  The content might be something to consider before recommending to younger grades or those who get creeped out easily!

Check out this clip to get a "feel" for the book.

Another book that I listened to left me breathless!

 Wildfire Run by Dee Garretson is a fast paced adventure novel set at Camp David, the President's summer retreat.  Luke, his son, is spending summer at the Camp with a friend when a disaster strikes and shuts down the security at the Camp.  Can Luke and his friends escape the top level security at Camp David and help rescue others?  If you like adventure novels, try this out!!

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