Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Battle of the Books at Ambrose!

Battle of the Books is a great tradition which we started 5 years ago.  Basically, students have to read a minimum of 8 of the Winchester Reading Rocks Books throughout the course of the year.  If they have, they are eligible to enter their name a specific number of times based on the number of books read.  Their chance increases when they read more books.

Our team:
Back Row: Emily Campo, Grace Wagner, Olivia O'Connell
First Row: Jacqui Schlesinger, Isabella Ryan and Maggie Sendlenski

It takes teamwork to come up with the answers!
We also had a number of students who read all 25 books in the Reading Rocks list.  This is a major feat and students were recognized that evening.  They include (although not all pictured):

Kate Bicks     Stephen Burchfield     Emily Campo     Emily Chesterton     Madelyn Dengler
Andrew Houllahan     Mitchell Hoyt     Anna Jacobson     Caroline Linskey     Michael Salvatore
Jacqui Schlesinger     Maggie Sendlenski     Marina Vernaglia     Vivian Zander

The teams and All 25  Readers!

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